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Utilities face significant challenges managing their aging water pipeline infrastructure. Pipeline failures are increasing in frequency and severity, leaving utilities with difficult decisions on whether to maintain or replace these assets.

The Department of Water Affairs (DWA) estimate that at least R670 billion will have to be invested in water infrastructure over the next 10 years.

Pure Technologies is helping utilities around the world address their buried infrastructure through its Assess & Address™ pipeline management approach, provided locally by SSIS.

Unparalleled Experience in Pressure Pipe Inspection

  • We have provided condition assessment solutions for more than 13,000 km of pressure pipelines.
  • We work with utilities of all sizes. From a small town to a major water board or metro – proactive pipeline management is available.
  • Pure Technologies is the world's leading large-diameter pressure pipeline management firm.

The Smart Business Approach: Assess & Address™

The conventional approach to pipeline management allowed a pipeline to fail multiple times before replacing it. This "three strikes and you're out" approach may work well for small-diameter distribution pipelines, but for large-diameter pipelines, this approach is wasteful.

A capital replacement program for large-diameter pressure pipelines not only carries a high price, but also poses significant logistical challenges. Through the assessment of more than 13,000 km of large-diameter critical pipelines, it is clear that even problematic transmission mains can be managed. In fact, we have found that 96% of pipe sections do not have any deterioration at all and are in "like new" condition. Less than 1% of pipe sections actually require any immediate repair.

There is a better way to maintaining pressure pipelines than replacement or sliplining; assess the pipeline and address the problems. Pure Technologies has conducted return on investment studies and found that while many variables impact pricing, on average, an Assess & Address™ program can be implemented only about 4% of the capital replacement cost.

96% of pipe sections do not have any deterioration at all and are in “like new” condition. Less than 1% of pipe sections actually require any immediate repair.

The Impact of Pipe Failure

AWWA has studied the fiscal impact of large diameter pressure pipeline failures and documented that the average cost ranges from R5 million to R15 million. This does not include the cost of legal action that affected residents and business may take or the eroding effect these failures have on the public's confidence in the utility.

Proactive pipeline management identifies problematic pipe sections to allow for proactive repair, thereby avoiding major failures. The savings from preventing a single pipeline failure can often pay for an Assess & Address™ program and can restore public confidence in the utility.

Pipeline Inspection Platforms

While there are dozens of destructive and non-destructive pipeline inspection technologies available today, no firm has more experience utilising these techniques than Pure Technologies. Our condition assessment engineers continuously evaluate industry developments and provide our clients with the best solution available.

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