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Strategic Bulk Water Pipeline Assessment for DWS

Advanced Risk Assessment & Engineering Analysis for DWS

Bloem Water proactively manages critical bulk pipeline

Locating and repairing leaks on large-diameter transmission pipelines is important in maintaining safe and reliable service delivery.

Managing bulk pipelines

Bloem Water has successfully implemented a bulk pipeline leak detection and assessment project, writes Mokutu Kgwale of Bloem Water and Kobus Prinsloo of SSIS.

First steps towards proactive pipeline integrity management

uThukela Water recently completed a series of investigations as part of a programme to assess the condition of two critical raw water supply pipelines 

High water losses can often be attributed to poor infrastructure maintenance and management.

Advancement of condition assessment technicques

Condition assessment of ageing pipelines is a continual challenge in South Africa and around the world.

Asset management drives growth

Is trenchless technology becoming more accepted in South Africa?

Hydraulic modelling and field verification

Pressure surges on gravity pipelines are very sensitive to the rate of operational change.  It would be very valuable to have a better understanding of the impact that current operational regimes have on the transient pressure behaviour of a pipeline, and whether the magnitude of pressure surges could be reduced by implementing operational changes.

Revolutionary long-distance CCTV inspections

SSIS Sahara recently performed the first long-distance CCTV inspections under live operating conditions in South Africa on the Vaal Gamagara Water Scheme in the Northern Cape.

West Coast District Municipality

Bulk water supply pipelines rarely fail suddenly or catastrophically.  Small leaks, if left unattended, will turn into larger leaks over time and ultimately lead to pipe breaks or failures.

Pipeline leak detection 101

A look at the basis of real-time, under-pressure and tethered inline acoustic scanning of bulk water pipelines. The past decade has seen major advances in leak detection for large diameter bulk water pipelines.

Pipeline leak detection

Rand Water Board's frustration in locating a leak in an 80-year old steel HDPE-lined pipe was solved using state-of-the-art technology after more conventional inspection technologies failed.

Bloem Water proactively saving water

Because of the strategic importance of the pipeline, Bloem Water required that the pipeline be accurately inspected under operating conditions without shutting it down. In addition, they wanted the exact location of each leak and the approximate leak size in order to prioritise repairs.

Detecting pipeline leaks and locations with Sahara

Sahara® is a proven and patented system that is widely used throughout the world to pinpoint the location and estimate the magnitude of leaks in water pipelines of any material construction type and under live conditions.


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