Pipeline Videos


Electromagnetic Inspection of PCCP by Pure Technologies

Uploaded on 4 Dec 2008

P-Wave is a proven proprietary electromagnetic pipeline inspection technology from Pure Technologies for evaluating the current condition of pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipelines. Watch it now.


Remote Field Transformer Coupling (RFTC)

Uploaded on 11 Jun 2009

Remote Field Transformer Coupling (RFTC) technology accurately establishes the baseline condition of prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP). The system detects and quantifies the number of breaks in the prestressing wire that reinforces the concrete pipe. RFTC provides water and wastewater system operators with information on the location, distribution and number of wire breaks anywhere along the length of the pipeline. Watch it now.


SmartBall® Leak Detection for Oil & Gas Pipelines

Published on 10 May 2013

SmartBall® is a new innovative leak detection technology for oil, gas and petroleum products pipelines larger than 4-inch (100 mm) diameter. Watch it now.


Channel 4 News Tucson Water

Uploaded on 3 Dec 2008

The City of Tucson discussing proactive measures it is taking to avoid pipeline ruptures and conserve the city's water supply. Watch it now


Sahara In-line Leak Detection for Water Pipelines

Uploaded on 21 Nov 2011

The first tool designed for live inspection of large diameter water mains, the Sahara® Pipeline Inspection System remains the most accurate tool available for detecting leaks, pockets of trapped gas, and structural defects in large mains. Sahara® is a critical component of condition assessment and water loss management programs for utilities around the world. Watch it now.


Robotic Pipeline Inspection Systems

Uploaded on 11 Jan 2012

PureRobotics™ offers a full suite of inspection sensors including a high resolution CCTV camera, a P-Wave™ electromagnetic array, SONAR, and laser profiler. These multiple inspection sensors provide the ability to conduct comprehensive inspections of various types of pipe materials and operating conditions. Watch it now.


Sahara Video - CCTV Inspection for Pressurized Water Mains

Uploaded on 26 April 2010

Watch as the system inspects a number of pipelines and locates illegal connections, valves, debris, reducers, tuberculation and more. The CCTV tool is capable of inspecting up to 6,000 ft while the pipeline remains in service. Watch it now.


SmartBall Capture

Uploaded on 31 Mar 2010

Capturing a SmartBall in a force main. Watch it now.


SmartBall Leak Detection System

Uploaded on 16 Mar 2010

SmartBall® is an innovative autonomous in-line leak detection and condition assessment system. This free-swimming, non-tethered foam ball with an instrumental aluminum core detects the acoustic activity associated with leaks and pockets of trapped gas in pressurized pipelines. Smartball is inserted into a pipeline and travels with the water flow up to 15 hours, collecting information about leaks and pockets of trapped gas for a long pipeline with a single deployment. Watch it now.


ABC News - WSSC Uses SoundPrint® AFO

Uploaded on 19 Jan 2010

Nearly a year after a broken pipe flooded River Road in Bethesda and stranded motorists, the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission showcased technology designed to detect problems in their larger water PCCP mains.

Pure Technologies US Inc., President Mark Holley, discusses how Pure's SmartBall and electromagnetic technology are used to monitor the aging infrastructure. Watch it now.


Fox News - WSSC Avoids Water Main Breaks

Uploaded on 19 Jan 2010

The WSSC delivers water and sewer services to 1.8 million people in the Montgomery and Prince George's counties. The River Road water main break Dec. 23 2008, drew national attention after nine motorists had to be rescued by police, firefighters and helicopters from the frigid waters. One year after the incident, WSSC showcased the technologies they have enlisted from Pure Technologies to avoid another massive water main break from occurring in the future.

Pure Technologies US Inc. President, Mark Holley, discusses the benefits of condition assessment using Pure's SmartBall and Electromagnetic monitoring. Watch it now.


Man-Made River Project

Uploaded on 26 Jul 2009

This CBC piece discusses the importance of the Man-Made River Project in Libya and its effects on the water supply of the country. Pure Technologies helps toactively monitor and maintain the infrastructure using SoundPrint AFO.

Watch it now.


Pipeline Monitoring

Uploaded on 4 Dec 2008

Soundprint AFO acoustic monitoring was designed by Pure Technologies to detect and locate pre-stressing wire failures in PCCP as they occur in real-time. It offers the only non-intrusive way to evaluate pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipes without the need for de-watering. SoundPrint can also be used to remotely monitor wire strand failures in pre and post-tensioned concrete water reservoir walls.

Watch it now.


SmartBall Insertion

Uploaded on 3 Dec 2008

SmartBall is a condition assessment tool that is used for detecting leaks and pockets of trapped gas in pressurized water and wastewater pipelines. For more information on leak detection, please visit our website at http://www.puretechltd.com/

Watch it now.



Uploaded on 27 Jul 2009

Pure Technologies' long range robotic electromagnetic inspection tool provides nondestructive solutions for maintaining water mains, interceptor and transmission mains, pipelines and pipe (PCCP) systems. This multi-sensor inspection system is equipped with sonar, laser, ultrasonic transducers and CCTV (Pan Tilt Zoom).

Watch it now.


PipeDiver Inspection - Dallas, Texas

Uploaded on 26 Mar 2010

This video is of the PipeDiver® inspection of a 36" prestressed concrete cylinder line in Texas. The free-swimming tool travelled under major roadways, through 45 and 90 degree bends and inspected nearly 1,100 pipe segments.

Watch it now.


Interview with Pure during AWWA ACE11

Uploaded on 29 Jun 2011

This interview was conducted during AWWA ACE11 in Washington, DC. Mike Higgins, VP of Engineering Services at Pure Technologies, discusses how Pure Technologies offers solutions for utilities to proactively manage their pipeline infrastructure.

Watch it now.


Sahara Leak Detection in Manila

Uploaded on 29 Apr 2011

Maynilad Water Services, the west zone concessionaire of the Philippine capital's water supply, have been pursuing an aggressive non-revenue water (NRW) reduction program since 2007. In 2010, Maynilad brought Pure Technologies' Sahara leak detection technology on board to assist with their NRW reduction program and during that year, 210 leak locations were located with approximately 73 million liters a day (MLD) of water being saved.

Watch it now.


Leak Detection Program in Manila

Uploaded on 29 Apr 2011

Maynilad operates a pipeline network that runs for more than 6,000 km. A key element of Maynilad's strategy of NRW reduction is increased leak location and repair. Particularly important to the program's success is leak location on the large diameter primary mains. Leaks on these mains can often be undetected for years and can contribute greatly to NRW figures. Sahara leak detection is crucial to the NRW reduction program, having located numerous leaks, unknown laterals and illegal taps and connections.

Watch it now.


42" Sewer Force Main Inspection - Robotics

Uploaded on 19 Sep 2011

In August 2011, Pure Technologies brought out the redesigned PureRobotics wastewater crawler unit to conduct an electromagnetic inspection on a 42-inch (1050mm) sewer force main for a major utility in Ontario, Canada. Pure was able to inspect 3,400 feet from a single access in both directions of the line. New improvements to the tracks assisted in pushing the crawler through the heavy debris at the bottom of the pipe that would otherwise entrap other robotic inspection systems.

Watch it now.


Louisville Water Company - 60" PCCP Pipeline Inspection

Published on 13 Jul 2012

Louisville Water Company (LWC) needed an accurate condition assessment tool that didn't require pipeline shutdown and lengthy cleanup. The utility turned to Pure to provide a solution. The PipeDiver tool, moving with the flow of the water in the main, completed an 8.8-mile inspection of a 5-foot diameter PCCP main in eastern Jefferson County last month. Through a contract with LWC, Pure conducted the large-diameter PipeDiver electromagnetic inspection using the large launch and extraction stacks for the first time.

Watch it now.

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